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Rituel de la forêt de Bambous

the Bamboo Forest Ritual

SALIN de BIOSEL proposes the Bamboo Forest Ritual to utilize the incomparable energetic force of Bamboo to revitalize the skin and nourish the Spirit.

This Ritual, with its magical atmosphere, provides intense sensorial emotions: the Spirit abandons itself to the notes of an exclusive musical composition; the mind will go on a journey through the scents of a lush, uncontaminated forest. Impregnated with delightful textures with moisturizing bio-extracts of Bamboo, the skin is the ideal support for an extraordinary massage performed with biological Bamboo canes.
In the hands of the therapist, these natural instruments marry perfectly with the contours of the body and face, sliding, turning and running gently over the muscles to mold and re-shape the silhouette.
As the reflex areas are stimulated, the deepest-seated tension and stress disappear, the skin appears toned, light and rejuvenated and the Spirit regains an extraordinary energetic vitality.