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Beauté à la Carte

Beauté à la Carte

We believe every skin is unique.

We are aware that a cosmetic effective for one person
might not be quite so effective for thousands of others.

That’s why SALIN de BIOSEL products and treatments
have been designed to be personalised "à la carte".

How? By adding precious components aimed to solve your specific beauty problem.

A unique cosmetic recipe, yours alone, made exclusively to suit your skin needs.

What your skin orders, served in a strictly personalised product.

Are you special? Yes, you are. And so is your skin.
It’s part of a unique genetic heritage.
And did you know that your skin talks? Your skin tells us all about you, your age, lifestyle, stress level.

And so, just like skin reveals and modifies its state continually, we at SALIN de BIOSEL, through our exclusive
Beauté à la Carte Laboratory, intervene on products and treatments personalising them even further to meet your needs. In this way, we create a revolutionary product, really different and resolutive, taking your skin features into account and getting the maximum from your skin.

Results? Visible from the very first application, the skin of your face will respond to the active principle stimuli starting to work with them.

Beauté à la Carte: a unique beauty recipe, your own.