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Fight cellulite around the clock

Concept de Soin Energétique Cellulite

What medicine says

Edemato-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy is the medical term that indicates the aesthetic nightmare of 80% of women: cellulite.

Scientific research has highlighted different alterations:

  • micro-circulatory vascular malfunctions and inadequate regeneration of the adipose tissue;
  • reduction of lymphatic drainage and the formation of veritable "intercellular lakes", the privileged resting site for toxins and fatty nodules;
  • evident morphological changes in the skin tissue, localised thickening of the adipose tissue, presence of nodules of cellulite, "orange peel skin" or "mattress" skin. The profile of the figure appears particularly irregular.
Concept de Soin Energétique Cellulite

What you can do
For immediate and long lasting results, the battle can be fought on various fronts, with a complete strategy and a healthy lifestyle:

  • adopt a well-balanced and low-calorie diet; favour steamed or grilled foods; drink lots of water with a low sodium content; limit your use of salt and your consumption of alcoholic drinks;
  • carry out regular physical activity and avoid smoking;
  • benefit from massages and professional aesthetic treatments and apply natural plant extract, algae and caffeine based cosmetics at home on a daily basis to reactivate regeneration and drainage.