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Eco Pure knows the cutaneous ecosystem. And you?

Eco Pure knows the cutaneous ecosystem, and you

Did you know that the skin
has an ecosystem?

Exactly as in nature and in the human body, the beauty of skin depends on a delicate balance between the cells,
of which it is made up, and the millions of bacteria that
live on the surface.

A healthy cutaneous ecosystem forms a true and proper shield for the skin, protecting it and dynamising all skin functions, thus ensuring health and youth.

Eco Pure knows the cutaneous ecosystem, and you



Your skin’s ecosystem is in danger!

Atmospheric pollution, foods subjected to ever increasing industrialised processes, rich in chemical preservatives and artificial flavourings, the use of aggressive cosmetics for
hygiene and skincare, made up from paraben-based preservatives and propylene glycols, are just some of the main risk factors for the health of the skin, as they produce many toxins and free radicals.



The skin’s surface becomes hyper-sensitive, irritated and reactive; the skin is impure, it has blemishes and hydrolipidic unbalance; it is dull and lacklustre.
The cutaneous ecosystem is altered to the point that the capacities of regeneration, rebalance and protection of the epidermis are compromised completely.
The effects are visible on the face, both in terms of beautyand in youth.